A mother mourns while Councilman jousts with NYPD

This one of those rare, heart-wrenchers. Part of the story, with link to rest below:

Councilman Peter Koo (D-Queens) and Craig Kinsey, tenant association president for the Bland Houses. (Photo by Christie M. Farriella)


Antoinette Carona buried her only son on what would have been his 22nd birthday earlier this month.

Carona has lived in a self-described “hell” as she waits for the killer of her son, Alex Botero, to be caught. Botero was shot execution style in an elevator of the James A. Bland Houses in Flushing on Halloween night.

“I’m past the shock. I am so angry right now. I want justice,” said Carona, 50. “I would hate to see another mother go through this.”

More than 40 residents of the Bland Houses and nearby Latimer Gardens attended a community meeting on Nov. 15 to express their concerns over safety in the area.

But there was one very important element missing: The police.

Not a single representative from the 109th Precinct attended, City Councilman Peter Koo said, sparking a war of words between the lawmaker and NYPD.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/queens/war-words-flushing-councilman-police-department-article-1.983636#ixzz1fCrvqSL0


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